August Foundation Greeting

When I was in Atlanta for the International Convention on June, a big focus was polio eradication.  For good reason—we have never been closer than we are today to finishing the largest Global Health Initiative ever. 

Rotary International is launching a campaign called, “Countdown to History.”  Goals were set and pledges were made, and we can’t do it without you, Rotarians. We are asking for Rotarians across District 5970 to give a minimum of $40 to End Polio Now. This will get our District to the goal set by Rotary International.

World Polio Day is Oct. 24, and I urge each club to recognize this day with a program, fundraiser or any other method you see fit to raise awareness and raise funds to finish the fight.

Yours in Service,
Michelle Bell

Foundation 101: The Final Chapter

When Arch Klumph announced his vision of our Foundation at the 1917 Atlanta Convention, he coined the phrase, “for the purpose of doing good in the world.” Klumph was a visionary leader, but never in his most farsighted imagination could he have dreamt just how much “good in the world” his idea would ultimately accomplish.

A century later, The Rotary Foundation is touching people’s lives every minute of every day of every year.

This final chapter of Foundation 101 gives many examples of Rotary doing good in the world, and I encourage you to read this entire book. I have chosen to mention projects that District 5970 Rotarians have been involved in directly.

Our Rotarians:

  • Participated in NID (National Immunization Day) trips around the world to vaccinate children against polio.

  • Built a dam in India.

  • Are building wells in many places, including Ghana, El Salvador, Uganda and Haiti.

  • Provided educational opportunities in the U.S. and abroad.

  • Sent Scholars to receive an education abroad.

  • Enabled world peace through the Peace Fellow Program.

As we enter our second century of service, remember that we are People of Action. We are doing good in the world!

Emmetsburg: Doing Good in Honduras

The Emmetsburg Rotary Club combined fundraising and a 2016-17 Rotary District Grant to provide a playground pavilion for an elementary school in Honduras. The club donated $5,580 to the project, including funds raised from a food stand during RAGBRAI’s 2016 bike trek through Emmetsburg. A District Grant of $4,220 brought the total to $10,000.

The project funded a basketball court, three volleyball courts, a soccer court and outdoor game tables and benches for the school in Azacualpa, Honduras. The new facilities will help children in grades 1-6 learn new sports, enhance the school’s physical fitness programs, and provide a place for children to play chess and other table games.


The Emmetsburg club has had a relationship with the school for several years, initially sparked by Rotarian Doug Green, whose sister-in-law teaches there. Past projects have included funding a computer room, providing labor to construct additional modern bathrooms, and helping outfit needy students at the school with uniforms. In 2014, Green, his wife and son, and four other Emmetsburg Rotarians traveled to Azacualpa to see the school, learn how their involvement had benefited the children, and strategize future plans.
ABOVE: Children play on one of the three new soccer courts.
RIGHT: Outdoor tables and benches provide a great spot for chess and other table games.
Michelle Bell
District 5970 Rotary Foundation Chair