Our meetings and events maybe on hold, but membership engagement and recruitment are still a priority.
Membership Drive Update:
The March Madness Membership Challenge is extended to the end of the Rotary year.  Share with others how Rotary has been instrumental in eradicating the polio virus and the knowledge and skills learned are being applied to help fight other virus out-breaks.
Virtual Meeting Encouragement:
I have often shared from the author Priya Parker and her book ART OF GATHERING.  Here are some tips from Pryia for you and your club as your work to stay engaged on-line.
As you are thinking about hosting virtual gatherings, don’t confuse your assumed activity with the gathering’s purpose. Your planning should always begin by asking first: What is the purpose now? 

Now what?
Here are some questions to help you get clear on your gathering’s purpose:

  • What is the desired outcome? 
  • Who is this gathering for (primarily)?
  • If all goes well, how might the guests be different because of this gathering?
  • How do you want people to feel when they walk away? 
  • If your virtual gathering is replacing an in-person one, has the purpose changed? Is it the same as we originally intended, or has the need changed? 
  • What is the role of the host, and what is the role of guests?
TED Connects series (albeit with some technical difficulties) to discuss creating meaning while we’re apart. You can watch the conversation here.   https://www.ted.com/talks/priya_parker_how_to_create_meaningful_connections_while_apart#t-11270
Please share how your club is staying engaged and what is working and not working for you.