The Toronto International Conference opens June 24. You can watch!  Live Stream the Opening Session and Breakout Topic Sessions.   

The link to audio/video is here.   All times are Eastern Daylight Time.
FUTURE International Conferences:  June 1-5, 2019 Hamburg.   2020 in Hawaii.

Breakout Sessions

Monday-Wednesday, 25-27 June

Breakout sessions are your opportunity to explore the topics that interest you. Polish your leadership skills and get inspired with new ideas for projects, fundraising, strengthening membership, and more.

Here are some topics you’ll find in Toronto:

  • Learn how to tell your story online and offline.
  • Gain insights from Rotary Business School experts.
  • Engage young professionals and connect with Rotaract.
  • Build bigger and better sustainable projects and grants.
  • Participate in conversations about the end of polio and the future of Rotary.
  • Explore club flexibility options.

You can also review our preliminary list of over 90 breakout sessions.  

There’s no need to register for breakout sessions. Seating is first come, first served.