March, 2021

A Note from Your District Governor

Register for the Virtual District Conference!

Get ready for Virtual District Conference 2021: Rockin’ in Rockwell City! The conference committee has booked a great lineup of speakers for the conference, which will be held Friday, April 30 - Saturday, May 1, 2021.

Our Keynote speaker on Saturday will be Michael Angelo Caruso, an international consultant in personal and corporate improvement - and a lifetime Rotarian. His laundry list of clients includes Nissan, Hallmark, and the U.S. Navy. With a career background in technology and the entertainment business, Caruso’s interactive presentation will get you pumped up for Rotary, your career, and your daily life. Get a sneak peek of his expertise at


If you haven’t already, sign up for the district conference today on the district website. We will reveal other speakers weekly. Stay tuned for updates!

Bye-bye Winter, Hello Spring Projects!

Winter appears to be winding down. That means it is safe to start thinking about spring...and spring and summer Rotary projects. While we technically still have a couple months to plan, ideas need to start flowing earlier this year within your committees. 

There may be strong competition for District grants in 2021 since plans got so out of whack last year with the pandemic. The sooner you can come up with ideas and plan your grant projects (without starting them), the better prepared you will be to create a good grant application. 

Pro tips: Turn in your previous project report. Make sure someone from your club has attended the District Grant Training Seminar (someone from your club must attend each year). Consider sending someone new to the grant training this year - just food for thought.