September, 2020

A Note from Your District Governor

Post-Derecho: Your Superhero Capes Are Showing!

When Derecho blew through Iowa in August, it was almost unbelievable. How could something so destructive come out of seemingly nowhere? And that’s basically what happened - there was little to no warning that the storm was coming.

Several communities in our District were hit hard:

Through it all, it was touching to see so many Rotarians band together in service to each other and our District. The weekend following the storm, Past District Governor Michelle Bell led a crew of Rotarians and community volunteers from Iowa City, New Hampton, Center Point, and Marion to clear trees and brush from homes in the community. 

Throughout the week and into the next Rotarians poured in from all corners of the District with supply and monetary donations, chainsaws, manual labor, and moral support on the phone and through social media. Together, we continue to pitch in, clean up, and take care of not only each other, but also those who are less fortunate.

Harkening back to my August message about “heroism” in Rotary, it looks from my perspective that our District is chock full of heroes. Kudos to all of you who looked Derecho in the eye and showed up to help in any capacity. That’s not just the Midwestern way. It’s the Rotary way.

Please consider a gift to help support recovery and relief efforts in Linn County. Donate to the Linn County Rotary recovery fund.


Back to School - and Rotary Action Season

As our children and grandchildren gear up for in-person and online school this year, we Rotarians face a similar transition. 

Many clubs go light on service activities in the summer, allowing members to take much-needed breaks with family. Now that fall is upon us, it’s time to buckle down and turn our ideas into action. 

For me, as District Governor, that means getting out and visiting clubs, virtually and in person. I’m a few months behind schedule due to the pandemic. However, I’m eager to start seeing you all, safely. We abide by Rotary International’s rules regarding travel safety. So, we will make the most of our visits, however we get together.

Since 2020 continues to bring surprises, it’s likely your club’s action plans have shifted since spring. That’s OK - we Rotarians can adapt to any curveball life throws our way, and I am looking forward to seeing the great works you do in your communities.