Membership Grant Details
District 5970 is offering nine mini-grants in the amount $500 to clubs who show the highest net membership gain in the 2020/21 year.  Grants will be paid to clubs in the 2021/22 year.  Grants to be executed by the new members of the top clubs in the 2021/22 year. 


  • Increase new members
  • Promote member retention
  • Engage new members in meaningful service
  • Engage new members with the Foundation
  • Engage clubs with the Foundation
  • Provide an attractive incentive to clubs
  • PR Opportunity for clubs

Challenge Qualifications:

  • Qualifying clubs must show a net gain their total membership by the June 30, 2021.
  • Nine clubs with the highest percentage net gain will be awarded a mini-grant.
  • Each new member must have dues paid and be entered in Club Runner to qualify.

For Winning Clubs Project Qualifications & Stipulations

  • The new members will form a committee to propose how the grant will be spent.  They may enlist the help of their mentor, sponsor, or other club members.  However, the new members should allowed to choose their own project. More seasoned membered should only provide support and assistance as needed. Projects should be in keeping with the Rotary areas of service and/or current community needs.
  • A written proposal will be presented to the club board for review, input, and passage. 
  • Upon passage, a member of the mini-grant committee will submit the proposal to the District Foundation Chair for review.
  • Execution of the grant will be complete by May 30, 2022 with a written report submitted to the District Foundation Chair no later than June 30, 2022.
  • Clubs are encouraged to provide matching funds.
  • A photo of the new members, names, and description of proposed project to be sent to District Secretary for use on social media and in newsletters.
  • A press release should be submitted to local media by the committee or Public Image Committee.
  • A photo of project and description to be sent to District Secretary for use on social media and in newsletters.