January, 2021


Don Meyer, District 5970 Foundation Chair

Foundation First newsletter
January, 2021
Dear Rotarians,
Welcome to 2021!  The year that promises to be so much better than 2020.  Our lives have been changed, in some ways permanently.  Our communities look different, but our neighbors are good and kind.  Our Rotary Clubs are continually adapting, which we need to do always. Yet we look forward and give thanks.  The holiday season causes us to reflect on what gives meaning to our lives.  Here is a quote from Howard Thurman (1900-1981), a Black theologian musing about what Christmas means.  It seems so appropriate for today:
The symbol of Christmas—what is it?  It is the rainbow arched over the roof of the sky when the clouds are heavy with foreboding.  It is the cry of life in the newborn babe when, forced from its mother’s nest, it claims its right to live.  It is the brooding of the Eternal Spirit making crooked paths straight, rough places smooth, tired hearts refreshed, dead hopes stir with newness of life.  It is the promise of tomorrow at the close of every day, the movement of life in defiance of death, and the assurance that love is sturdier than hate, that right is more confident than wrong, that good is more permanent than evil. 
Truly a wonderful creed to live by, this is why we are Rotarians.  Service Above Self.  The Four-Way Test.  Helping people all over the world reach their dreams. 
A sincere thank you to all who have given to the Foundation in this first half of the Rotary year.  Because of you, the world lives in hope.  Let’s keep it going!
Rotary Rush Continues!
I hope you’ve all received the details about the Rotary Rush program in which you can easily reach your first or next Paul Harris Fellow level.  It’s a terrific incentive to help you reach new levels in your giving!  The incentive continues in January and February 2021.  Be sure to check out all the details here.
Congratulations to the Spencer Rotary Club!
Are you looking for good fundraising ideas for your Club?  Check out the Spencer Rotary Club Book Sale.  Held during the first week of November, the book sale this year netted $9,755, which is well above their average of $6,700.  A great success considering the circumstances—one day shorter than usual, and the pandemic.  For more details please contact Bob Rose at 712-346-8992 or pearlu34@outlook.com .  Also check it out on the District 5970 web site under “Club Success Stories.” 
Spencer Rotary Club Book Sale 2020
Global Scholar Rebecca Draus Update
From Becca:
It has been another busy month with lectures, classwork, papers, and group projects. We have reached the end of the semester and today I finished my last exam! Now I am just waiting for my grades to come back! I will focus on my November in this newsletter, however, since not much has happened in December yet! Just as in the other months, I continued to visit with various Rotary Clubs through Zoom. It has been a fun and interesting way to stay connected to people outside of the university here in Glasgow, and I have learned various things from the meetings. Read the entire letter here. 
Endowment Gifts Are Gifts To the Future
As you plan your estate, you may want to include a charitable bequest to Rotary’s Endowment Fund.  These gifts are invested and the earnings from the fund provide funding for Rotary’s programs every year in perpetuity.  It’s a wonderful legacy to leave!   See more information below.
Yours in Rotary,
Don Meyer
District Foundation Chair                                                                                                                              

Donald Meyer

District 5970 Foundation Chair