April, 2021


Don Meyer, District 5970 Foundation Chair

Foundation First newsletter
April, 2021
Dear Rotarians,
By now, every Rotarian in our District should know this fact:
       A portion of the dollars you give to The Rotary                       Foundation comes back to our District to be used by             your club for grant projects in your community. 
Because this is so important to the core of what we do in Rotary, this newsletter will focus on our District giving.  We had our first Grant Management Seminar last Saturday to train club members in applying for district grants.  We encourage your club to apply for a grant, for the reason listed above.  Where else can you give to a charity’s annual fund, and get a return on that gift?  Only The Rotary Foundation.  
If you missed the training last Saturday you have one more chance on May 1 during the District Conference.  You may register for the seminar on our District website at district5970.org.  You must register for the District Conference (free and virtual!) to get the link for this training.  It will be held on May 1 at 1:30 p.m.  Remember that you must have a member of your club attend the training to qualify for a grant. 
Final Results for the Rotary Rush Are In!
Thanks to all who took advantage of the Rotary Rush opportunity.  Fifty Rotarians reached a new Paul Harris Fellow level.  All in all, the promotion generated gifts from 94 Rotarians, resulting in a total of $19,369 of new gifts to the Foundation.  Thanks to all!
How Are You Coming on Your Foundation Giving Goals?
As a District we’re at 77.3% of our Annual Giving Goal.  We have $48,000 left to reach our goal.  As of our latest report, we are slightly ahead of last year’s pace.  Let’s keep it going!  Thanks to all for making the gifts, and for encouraging each other to join in!  Your gift helps stimulate another gift! 
Speaking of stimulation, how about using your stimulus check to make a gift to the Foundation? What a great way to give back to help others in need.  That’s stimulating for both the giver and the receiver!  
Update from ShelterBox
ShelterBox is a global disaster relief agency helping people who need shelter.  Rotary clubs have supported their efforts recently to provide shelter for those displaced by the hurricanes in Honduras, and by the conflict in Syria. If you are interested in supporting ShelterBox, please visit their website at www.shelterboxusa.org/hero .
End Polio Now! 
Did you know Zone 29, of which our District is a part, is #2 in the US in polio funding for this Rotary year?  With one more quarter to go this year, we want to finish strong and keep the energy going! 
With all the challenges that surround us, please remember that polio eradication continues to be the top priority for the Foundation. 
It is vital to keep PolioPlus giving at the forefront of your club.  Remind your members that their gifts to PolioPlus will be matched 2 to 1 by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.  Invite polio survivors, family members and National Immunization Day participants to speak to your club.  Our Zone has many resources to support your efforts to promote giving to PolioPlus.  Bob Rose and I are willing to help in any way we can.  Please reach out to us at any time.
When Rotary took on the monumental task of eradicating polio, we made a HUGE promise to the children of the world.  Working together, we’ll be able to keep it!  
Yours in Rotary,
Don Meyer
District Foundation Chair                                                                                                                           

Donald Meyer

District 5970 Foundation Chair