June, 2020


Don Meyer, District 5970 Foundation Chair

Foundation First newsletter
June, 2020
Dear Rotarians,
How are you getting along?  I know many of you are still working from home (like I am) and making adjustments to being “hunkered down” and keeping your social distance when you do have to go out.  If you’re like me, I find myself intentionally having to pull myself away from my computer screen to keep moving around. It’s important to get outside and exercise.  For me, taking a walk provides a good time to think, and observe.  As we’re walking, thinking and observing, are we thinking about the things we value, like Rotary?  Are we thinking about our philanthropy, like giving to the Rotary Foundation?  Are we observing the needs around our communities that could be addressed by a District Grant or Global Grant project?   Take a walk.  Think.  Observe.  And support Rotary. 
Here are some interesting Rotary things to think about:
Rotary Year 2019-20 Is About to Close!
June is the final month of our Rotary year, and it’s also one of the best months in giving to The Rotary Foundation, second only to December. 
Have you made your gift to the Foundation? 
Our 2019-20 District Annual Fund goal is $236,630.  To date we’ve raised $194,202  (82%).
Our 2019-20 District PolioPlus goal is $381,706.  To date we’ve raised $376,109  (98%).
For those of you who can, and want to, please make your gift by June 30.  Not because I’m asking, but because of the life-changing impact your gift will have on children needing polio vaccine, healthcare workers needing equipment and support to fight Covid-19, schoolkids needing safe and clean water to stay in school, families needing access to affordable medical clinics. And the list goes on.  All supported by your gifts to the Rotary Foundation. 
Remember that the Rotary Rush is still on until June 10.  If you give enough to the Annual Fund that will get you halfway to your first or multiple Paul Harris Fellow level, you will receive matching points for the other half, to allow you to reach the PHF level.  Please email John Wasta, District Fundraising Chair, at john.wasta@gmail.com for details.  To qualify for Rotary Rush, please remember to designate your gift for the Annual Fund.
How do you make your gift? 
  • The easiest way is make your gift online at www.rotary.org/donate . Be sure to sign in to your myRotary account when you give online.  Then let your Club Foundation Chair know you made the gift. 
  • You may also pay by check, payable to The Rotary Foundation, and get it to your Club Foundation Chair and they will send it in.  
Thanks to all who have supported the Foundation this year, and to those who will be giving in June!
Heart of Europe Global Grants
Rotary continues to expand grant opportunities in response to the global pandemic.  Here’s a message from John Hewko, General Secretary and CEO of Rotary International:
"In the face of an unprecedented global pandemic, Rotary clubs are called upon to adapt and change the way we connect and serve.  

Clubs around the world are providing medical equipment to frontline health workers, raising funds, communicating best practices, and keeping communities connected and resilient.  

While we cannot predict with any certainty when we will overcome COVID-19, it is important to plan for the future, and to ensure that Rotary members are still able to pursue long-term projects that make a lasting change in their communities. 

To this end, I am thrilled to announce that Rotary has entered into a new partnership with the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID)’s Bureau for Europe and Eurasia called “Hearts of Europe”. Both organizations anticipate contributing up to $1 million each to this jointly funded, three-year grant program. The goal is to foster collaboration, networking, and friendship among Rotary clubs in select Eastern European countries and the United States. 

Through Hearts of Europe we will award grants to Rotary clubs, using our existing global grant structure, to support projects aligned with our areas of focus. Hearts of Europe global grant projects must meet global grant requirements as well as additional requirements, with an emphasis on strengthening relationships between members in the U.S. and in Eastern Europe, and involving Rotaractors. The initiative will focus on clubs in Albania, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Georgia, Kosovo, Moldova, Montenegro, North Macedonia, Serbia, and Ukraine.  

Applications are now open for Hearts of Europe global grants.  We welcome all project proposals within our areas of focus.  COVID-19 related projects are eligible.

At this challenging time, we believe Hearts of Europe is a fantastic opportunity to rebuild the bonds of cooperation between communities and nations.  If we can seize this opportunity, we will pave the way for a healthier and more prosperous future." 

Please see Hearts of Europe Global Grants for more information. 

Terrific Response to COVID-19 Disaster Response Grants!
Sincere thanks to the 38 clubs in District 5970 who took advantage of the Disaster Response Grant opportunity to fund COVID-19 projects in their communities.  38 clubs applied for and received a $1,000 grant that bought food for food banks, purchased equipment and food for healthcare workers, and distributed food for school children.  That’s $38,000 to help fight COVID-19!  
District Grant Applications Due June 15
Thanks to all attending the online Grant Management Seminars held in March and April.  Attendance by someone in your club is a requirement for qualifying a club for applying for a district grant. We’re thankful for the interest in this grant program that returns to your club a portion of your giving to the Annual Fund of The Rotary Foundation.  This is why it’s so important to continue supporting the great work of the Foundation.  This year we will have around $68,000 to award for district grants. 
Congratulations to the Spencer Rotary Club for using their District Grant to provide a new roof for their local Pet Shelter! 
Yours in Rotary,
Don Meyer
District Foundation Chair                                                                                                                              

Donald Meyer

District 5970 Foundation Chair