March, 2019


What would you, your community, and the world be missing if Rotary never existed...Lots!

Every  day, you can see the good Rotary does..even if you do not realize it. Be sure to take a minute sometime and consider the projects and service your Club and you have done for the community and the world!

It is so gratifying to be part of an organization that “does good” and continues to innovate to remain relevant today and into the future. Sometimes, innovation is challenging and frightening...fortunately you accept the challenge and change to ensure your Club remains relevant in your community. Thank you!



The April 26th and April 27th District Conference and Celebration at Clear Lake is designed to provide ideas and information for taking you and your Club to the next level. Here is a link to a flyer that tells you all about the conference.  Register by clicking here.

Thanks to the incredible generosity of a Major Donor Rotarian in our District, and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, you have a unique opportunity to match your gifts to PolioPlus 4 to 1, effectively growing your original gift by five times!  Here’s how it works:

This donor will match a club’s total giving to PolioPlus 2 to 1, when that club reaches its PolioPlus goal for this year.  The maximum total match will be $100,000.

For example, if a club reaches its goal of $2,000, the gift would grow like this:

    $2,000        Original gift
    $4,000        2 to 1 Major Donor match
    $4,000        2 to 1 Gates Foundation match
    $10,000      Total gift

Even if your club has already met its goal, consider raising additional funds to take advantage of this wonderful opportunity.  This is an incredible opportunity for our clubs to meet and exceed their PolioPlus goals in a significant way, which in the end, gets us closer to our ultimate goal of eradicating polio.  Thanks to the 21 of 51 clubs who have met or exceeded their PolioPlus goals already this year (as of March 1, 2019).   We anticipate ALL of our 51 clubs will be on this list by the end of June. Don’t miss this opportunity! Go for it!                                       
                                              Council on Legislation

Rotary truly is a grassroots organization governed by its members/volunteers. Every three years delegates from each District in the world meet to debate and pass resolutions ensuring Rotary continues to grow and be viable in the future.  Visit this link as District 5970 delegate, Jill Olson provides information about the process.

See you in Clear Lake on April 26 and 27!

Neil Fell
District Governor 2018-2019