January, 2019


You and your fellow Club members are entering the second half of the Rotary year. There is no doubt you are feeling good about the wonderful and meaningful things your Club has accomplished for your community and the world. Reflect on all you accomplishments and carry through plans to make the second half even better.

Speaking of plans… Amy Weber, Dubuque, District Polio Team Leader, and Don Meyer, Waverly, District Foundation Chair, have exciting plans to help every Club to meet and exceed their Polio goal. Find a link to the January Foundation newsletter in case you missed it here.  Give a gift of $20.00 and have it turn into $100. Not a bad return on investment!


Please save the date(s) of Friday evening, April 26, 2019 and Saturday, April 27, 2019 to attend the Rotary District 5970 District Conference in Clear Lake. Details are being finalized and more information will be available in the February newsletter and on the District website.  The following is a sneak peek:


Friday April 26, 2019-Rotary Showcase


Learn about programs Rotary has to offer in a relaxed and fun setting. Great opportunity to visit one on one with our volunteer experts.

  • Visit with Clubs who have had successful fundraising projects. Learn what works and what did not work.

  • Visit with our RYLA and YRYLA volunteers, and learn more about these life changing programs.

  • Visit with our Youth Exchange Volunteers and this years Youth Exchange Students

  • Learn more about the Rotarian Action Group (RAG) Clubfoot

  • Visit with volunteers who are working on current international projects  and how your Club could assist.

  • Visit and learn more about all the Foundation Programs, including visiting with Mary Beth Growney Selene, Past RI director and current trustee of the RI Foundation.

  • Visit and learn more about membership ideas to retain and recruit new members

  • Visit and meet future District Governors and provide input to them as they develop plans to help you in the future.

  • Enjoy heavy appetizers, a drink and fellowship with other Rotarians.

  • Enjoy live music provided by a local Rotarian

  • Win Great Prizes???

All for $55.00!!!


Saturday, April 27, 2019 Schedule

Great speakers, great breakout sessions, great fellowship, great music, great food and more. All completed by 4:00 in the afternoon and all for $80.00. And for  $120.00 for both sessions, you save $15.00! Can you believe it??

                                                 Council on Legislation

Rotary truly is a grassroots organization governed by its members/volunteers. Every three years delegates from each District in the world meet to debate and pass resolutions ensuring Rotary continues to grow and be viable in the future. Below, District 5970 delegate, Jill Olson provides information.


D-5970 has a voice in Rotary affairs

by  Jill Olsen PDG 2012-13

Rotary International will be convening the 2019 Council on Legislation (COL) in Chicago. As your D-5970 delegate, I want to share with you some information about this important event.  It was at a session like this in 1989 that women were allowed to join Rotary, and last time (2016), your dues were increased by $4.  So what is done at these sessions affects every Rotarian. I plan to write about different aspects of the COL in each district newsletter leading up to the session in April.  

My term lasts for 3 years, the first two, of which, are involved with the Council on Resolutions (COR).  During each of the past two years, we have voted (online) either for or against Resolutions posed by Rotarians from around the world.  A Resolution is simply a formal “request” to the RI Board or The Rotary Foundation Trustees to take an action that is outside the purview of the constitutional documents.  You can see the results of the November 2018 vote by going to My Rotary and typing in Council on Resolutions. The COL, on the other hand, votes on “Enactments”, which change Rotary constitutional documents.  The actions of the COL, then, are much stronger than simply offering requests. What is voted on must be enacted into Rotary. I encourage you to peruse the 116 Enactments to be considered in April. To find them, please go to My Rotary and type in Council on Legislation.  

In the February District Newsletter, I will share how I am preparing for this awesome event, and will discuss some other aspects of the COL  If you have questions or thoughts about the COL, please contact me at