December, 2018



Tuesday, November 27th was National Giving Day, which was heavily promoted by the media and charitable organizations. The United States should not need to be reminded of the importance of giving, but sadly, there are folks who do need to be reminded. Fortunately, this does not apply to Rotary Club Members, as everyday...

  • We are giving and teaching through following the 4-Way Test

  • We are giving new ideas and perspectives to our fellow members

  • We are giving and serving our community

  • We are giving and supporting the world through our Rotary Foundation and other service.

Continue to be proud of being a member of a local and world organization that is giving and serving. Your giving continues to improve our community and the world!

There are 52 Rotary Clubs which comprise District 5970. Of these Clubs, some have been chartered for over 100 years while others for less than 10 years. Please take time this Holiday Season to think what your community and the world be missing if your Club never existed. Likewise, continue to do your part to ensure your Club continues many years into the future!

Many Clubs are using Social Media to keep Rotary from being “The Best Kept Secret” in the community. District 5970 posted a picture and comment after each Club visit along with “boosting” it to Facebook users in your Club’s zip code. Thus far, 27,183 people have seen a positive picture and comment about Rotary and 2,183 have “engaged” in the post. Consider helping your Club by following your Club’s social media page and sharing any posts with your network of friends.

Visit the District’s Facebook Page at, please consider liking and following, this will further advance the cause of informing your community of the impact Rotary has.

Please save the date(s) of Friday evening, April 26, 2019 and Saturday, April 27, 2019 to attend the Rotary District 5970 District Conference in Clear Lake. Details are being finalized and more information will be available in the January newsletter.

Thanks for everything you do to better your community and the world! We are fortunate you are a member of Rotary!

Season’s Greetings with all the Best for the New Year!