ROTARY RUSH IS HERE! $1 for 1 Points to Dollars Match - District 5970 has just approved the District Grants submitted from our clubs. Know that our local communities will benefit through more than $52,000.00 of District funding through matching grants for the 2021–2022 Rotary year.
Remember, money for these grants is only available to our District through your donations to The Rotary Foundation – Annual Fund. Donors are recognized for each $1,000 they give by being named a Paul Harris Fellow (PHF) or a Paul Harris Fellow Plus member. We have a very generous donor this year in District 5970 who would like to help you achieve your Paul Harris Fellow or add an additional Plus.
District 5970’s “ROTARY RUSH” is on! For the months of December 2021, January 2022 and February 2022 the District is offering an AMAZING incentive to all Rotarians who give to the Rotary Foundation Annual Fund. Our generous Donor has offered their points as an incentive to help other Rotarians easily reach their first or multiple Paul Harris Fellow level. This is true “Service Above Self.” 
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Our donor is offering a $1 for 1 Points to Dollars Match to help a member get to their first or next Paul Harris Fellow level.  In other words, for every $1.00 given 1 point is earned ($100 minimum gift is needed to begin. $500 maximum gift for matching). Your donation plus the match, must get you to the next level.  For example, if a member is at zero dollars, our Donor will match a $500 donation to get them to the 1,000 mark for a PHF.  If the member was already at $800 and gives a donation of $100, our Donor will give 100 to get them to 1,000 for a PHF.  Additionally, if a member is at $100 and they give $100, the Donor will not match because it would not get them to the 1,000 for a PHF.  They would need to give $450, to get the Donor to match 450, then getting them to the needed 1,000 for their PHF level.
Finally, let’s say in your account you already have accumulated $500 in contributions to The Rotary Foundation – ANNUAL FUNDALWAYS CHECK YOUR CONTRIBUTIONS FIRST. Then, if you add a gift of $250 in December, January or February, our Rotary Donor will do the $1 for 1 Match giving you the other 250 points to get your account to the needed $1,000 which allows you to receive your first or multiple PHF award. Remember, the match is up to a maximum of 500 points.
If you choose to participate in this challenge, you will need to fill out Form 123-EN [] which is also available at the Foundation tab on the District’s website /  Please email the completed form to or mail the completed form to Theresa Mickelson, 1929 Ridgeway Drive SE, Cedar Rapids, Iowa 52403. If you are paying by check, please make it payable to “The Rotary Foundation,” please include the check with the form.
You may also make your gift to the Annual Fund online at In order to get credit, you MUST do 2 things:
 1. make a note of the amount of your gift on Form 123-EN;
 2. send the form and a receipt showing the Rotary Foundation – Annual Fund contribution to Theresa to receive your match. (Please do not send credit card information via email.).
Wondering how close you are to your next PHF level? Email Theresa Mickelson at, or call at 319-981-0792; or contact John Wasta, DRFC Chair, at or phone John at 319-440-5959.
The $1 for 1 Match for ROTARY RUSH will only be available to donors until the points run out.
What are you waiting for? Make a difference and support the mission today!