The Pocahontas Rotary Club & the Interact Club (high school Rotary youth group) marked the century milestone of the Rotary Foundation by celebrating with pizza, ice cream & brownies along with a scavenger hunt organized by the Interact advisor, Katie Wilford.  
Interactors and their Rotary advisors are pictured here.  Rotarians Mary and Clifford Clayton explain the Rotary Foundation to the Interact Club members.
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The Rotary International Foundation is celebrating 100 years of making a difference both locally and globally.  The Foundation has led the worldwide campaign against polio and to date, has helped successfully eradicate over 99.9% of all polio cases worldwide.  The Rotary Foundation has invested over $3 billion during the past 100 years on various life-changing, sustainable projects.
Initially, Rotarian Arch Klumph’s idea for an endowment fund dedicated to “doing good in the world” planted the seed for The Rotary Foundation in 1917.  That one idea and an initial contribution of $26.50 set in motion a powerful force for good that has transformed millions of lives around the globe.
Through our Foundation, Rotary members have supported thousands of projects to provide clean water, fight disease, promote peace, provide basic education, and grow local economies. That’s a century of Rotary members changing lives and improving communities all over the world.  It’s definitely something worth celebrating.