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District 5970

Virtual District Conference Schedule

Friday April 30, 2021

6:00 PM – Log on

                  Welcome Video
                  Invocation: Retired Reverend B. J. Ukena
                  National Anthem- Sung by District Governor Stoolman’s daughter, Whitney
                  Message from District Governor Lowell Stoolman

6:30 PM    District 5950 Governor Tom Gump
                  “Reimaging Clubs & Starting New Ones”

7:00 PM    PDG Tina Hall (Decorah Rotary Club)
                  “Hope, Rebounding, & Energy Looking Forward
                   Ideas to Share for Your Clubs

7:30 PM     PDG Newell Krogmann District 5960
                  Polio Update

8:00 PM    Rotary International Award Ceremony

                  Presenter: PDG Jill Olsen  Service Above Self Award
                  Presenter: Don Meyer District Foundation Chair
                  Foundation Meritorious Service Award

8:15 PM    Friday wrap up followed by Social and entertainment

Saturday May 1, 2021

8:00 AM   Log on   
                Welcome video    Tour of Rockwell City
                Invocation: Reverend Chadric Dietrich
                National Anthem  performed by SCC Interact students  (video)
                Message from DG Lowell Stoolman

8:30 AM   Keynote Speaker Michael Angelo Caruso
                "The First 15 Seconds"

                Making the most of first impressions on social media, on websites, on Zoom and in person.
                How stronger first impressions can grow your club, raise more money, amp up your career and improve your                  life. 

9:00 AM   Emily Tucker   Regional Membership Officer
                 “Membership Strength is in Our Diversity”

9:30 AM   Break       Auction Bidding promotion
                Duck Pluck

9:50 AM   Welcome back to the conference

10:00 AM  Connor Roth 2019-2020 Global Scholar
                  “Global Scholarship Experience:  A Year in Brighton, England 
10:30 AM  Katie Wilford  District Rotaract/Interact Chair   
                 “Three Ways Interact & Rotaract Can Boost Your Club”

11:00 AM  PDG Michelle Bell
                 “Unconscious Bias”

11:45 AM  Break   Auction bidding  Duck Pluck winner announcement

12:00 PM  John Crudele District 5950
                 Going Hybrid – Engaging In-Personal Club Meetings

12:30 PM  Video message from RIPN Jennifer Jones

12:45 PM  District Awards and video

1:00   PM  Short District business meeting
                 Approval of 2019-2020 Financial Reports

1:30 PM    Jim Coloff, District Grants Chair
                  “District Grant Seminar”                  

2:30 PM    Wrap up and dismissal from main sessions

                  Words of encouragement going forward: Reverend Anita Bane

2:30 PM    Separate zoom meeting for everyone
                 Katie Wilford  Interact Session
                 “Nuts and Bolts of Interact”

3:00 PM    Separate optional zoom meeting for everyone 
                 Katie Wilford  Rotaract Session
                 “Wholly Wrapped Rotaract”